Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Magic Fix #21: Pinterest Perfect!

Pinterest has been the most amazing cyberspace discovery ever to have enhanced our family life. If there is ever a shortage of inspiration in our household, Pinterest has always been our magic fix lately.
I have put together, just some of the ways that Pinterest has added to the fun and excitement at our place!

We found ideas and inspiration for our halloween party:

Martha Stewart had a spooky idea!

 This was our version with witches, bats and zombies!

We thought this was a cool idea...

but here is ours! Mr Bones was a hit at our party.

We found inspiration for taking photos of our children:

If they can do it...

we can too!

Making any type of cake yourself is a breeze these days:

Awesome step by step instructions...
made our version a success!

When I needed to make a beanbag for my son's room, there were tonnes of ideas available:

How simple is this idea? But I don't knit, so...

I made one with Ikea fabric instead!

We have many more of their version/our version to share with you but this is all we have time for today. If you want to find the links for any of the above, please find a link to my Pinterest board on the lower right hand corner of this blog.

 How do you think we went with our versions? Are you inspired to give some of this a go yourself?


  1. OMG I LOVE that beanbag! Clever you! And that cute GIF!
    I love pinterest so much. Bit of a time chomper though! xx

    1. Thanks Linda! I found an awesome blog that taught me how to do the GIF. The beanbag is so easy to make but a pain in the rear to fill. The whole family was in full force trying to fill this one beanbag, it was hilarious but what a result...worth every damn run away bean we had to hunt down! How can I find you on Pinterest?

  2. I adore that you followed through and made your favourite pins! It's so easy to pin away and never actually make anything. The layered cake and the bean bag are amazing, and to be honest, your bean bag chair trumps the original.

    p.s. Pinterest is like a godsend.

    1. HG!!!!! I missed you girlfriend! How was the amazing honeymoon to Russia? It must have been amazeballs. Thanks for your comments. I've been popping in and checking out your blog now and then. No wedding photos? Fair enough, I guess it is personal to you. Anyways, Its good to hear from you, after all your blog inspired me to start my own!

    2. Ahhhh I only just saw your message - wedding pictures will be posted soon! We only got them a couple of weeks ago. Christmas is getting in the way at the moment! Hope you and your crew are looking forward to it :)


  3. I absolutely feel the same way about pinterest! It has been such a great wealth of creative inspiration and information for me. I'm so impressed with your cake - but especially impressed with your ginormous pillow - and how cute is the little one on it? What did you stuff the pillow with? It is fantastic! All the best - Monica

    1. Hey Monica! Thaks so much...I am so happy with the beanbag myself. I stuffed it with styrofoam beans. It was hilarious filling it in the bath and accidently knocking the shower on!!!!


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