Thursday, 15 November 2012

Magic Fix #20: Just do me a favor...DIY!

Well, if you are one of the lovely folks reading our blog, you'll know that our general life philosophy is simple...

spend, spend and SPEND... more quality time with family and folks that we love and treasure!

Recently, this is how we managed to do just that:

We made pixie wands by gluing a gum nut and a strand of ribbon to sticks that we collected on our walks.

We made little favor bags with calico and attached gum leaves as decorations. Then we made hair bands by platting three strands of organza together.

We had fun being creative, while we did it!

We made book marks! Its easy,  just fold some card in half, do your stamping and then paste two small strips of magnet facing each other on the inside. It's a great book mark because it will never fall off your page!

We made super cute favor bags. 

These were our DIY favors for the girls pixie party that I wrote about previously here. It was a great success because...

1. The kids enjoyed decorating their organza plats with leaves and flowers.

 2. The kids enjoyed a treasure hunt using the treasure map and experienced the thrill of discovering the favors hidden among the greenery.

3. The kids enjoyed their favors. They also, together, made for some super cute pictures!

OK, you may be thinking that it all looks like a lot of work but we made the favors spread over several weeks and it sure does beat watching re-runs of cartoons on TV... besides its all for LOVE. I don't think I'll ever complain that my kids grew up too fast because with this much quality time spent with each other, I am enjoying EVERY moment SPENT!


We wish you many, many happy days like these too...xx


  1. This is so incredibly beautiful and crafty and fun - and so natural and peaceful. Love.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks so much Monica! I'm a big huge fan of your blog; so coming from you, this is such a lovely compliment. I'm glad that your family is fine after the bad weather in NYC. Take care. xx to the dos bambinos, they are very cute.


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