Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Magic Fix #15: The Secret to a Happy Marriage.

Do you remember that true friend that I mentioned in a previous post here? Well, she has this husband(an equally true friend) who once told us the secret to a happy marriage. Of course my husband and I pulled out our pens and duly took notes. We religiously follow the 'secret' to this very day and it has been our 'magic fix' to an enduring and happy marriage(thus far!)

My Husband and I in Melbourne, when I was four months pregnant with our forth baby.

Our true friend said that the secret to a happy marriage is to "have five things outside of your marriage that you enjoy doing."

This does not include:
  1. Making babies, having babies or raising your babies together.
  2. Anything that you actively do together i.e. cook, shop, garden, sport etc.
  3. Family time i.e. picnics with the kids, movie night with the kids, kicking the ball around with the kids etc.
It can, however, include:
  1. Things that you enjoying doing by yourself but your husband or wife gets involved in on a peripheral sense. For example I like to blog but my husband takes most of the photos that's in it.
  2. Things that you enjoy doing by yourself but your husband or wife is an active spectator, supporter, witness in the process but not an active collaborator in the process.
  3. Your career(but the catch is that you have to 'enjoy' it!)
In our marriage, we do the following(without the active involvement of the other) for our own enjoyment:

My hubby enjoys:
  1. Running.
  2. Swimming.
  3. Doing photography and photo editing.
  4. Teaching in his field.
  5. His work.

He took these!

As for me, I enjoy:
  2. Sewing and Design.
  3. Reading.
  4. Walking.
  5. Cooking and Baking.
With my humble sewing machine. I'm 9 months pregnant and ready to pop!

Why do you think this works? Such is the mystery. Do you have a happy marriage? What is your secret? I'd love to hear about what works for you.

 Enjoy your week and love the person you're with!


  1. I love this post it is such an important reminder. The photos are lovely too. xx - monica

    1. Thanks Monica! Funnily enough, this blog is a reminder to all the things that I'm grateful for. How are things in NYC, good? NYC is definitely ranked high on my bucket list of places I want to visit! How lucky are you to live there...xx thanks for stopping by our nook.

  2. This is a great post as I will soon be a wife! The countdown is on. Single digit days = excitement heart attack.

    Me and fiance have been together almost 6.5 years. Our trick is laughter - we say dumb things and make each other laugh all the time. When we get into pointless arguments ("last time I checked, our floor wasn't the laundry basket"), we find a way to joke our way out of the seriousness. Unless it's genuinely serious.

    1. That's awesome Alex! Laughter is the best medicine, we laugh all the time too. My husband's sense of humour was what attracted me to him in the first place and it still does!! When we had arguments (and there were many in the early years) I always reminded myself of the laughter and it always worked a treat. Wow, single digit days!!!? You must be super organized, if you have the time to stop by and leave a message too. BTW I loved your Pinterest, its beautifully organized too...very user friendly.

  3. This makes a lot of sense and it is what I practice with my husband and family. It is not always accomplished... but my husband and I are committed to each other and love the time spent together.
    I am following you now and I would love for you to follow back.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jillian! I like that you mentioned 'commitment' because without this none of the above would work really. My husband is my biggest fan and has my posts sent to his email...he also felt that I should have mentioned the importance of it but I felt that it goes without saying that you have to follow your wedding vows for this to work...teehee. I'm following you back, i enjoyed reading your blog.


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