Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Magic Fix #10: Embracing Our Quirkiness!

I have discovered that one of the biggest things that can bring down a family, in terms of morale, is not to embrace and love your quirky family ways, the things that you do that is 'different', the ways that your family sees the world that doesn't quite 'fit' with the norms accepted by popular culture. I have always danced to my own beat and in my pide piper ways I have brought my kids along to notice 'nature' not pop stars or movie stars, to notice 'feelings' and not be romanced by violence, words or ways that are considered 'cool'. I have always encouraged my children to make their 'own choices' not the 'choice of the masses'. Not because its wrong to do what is considered 'popular' but because it might not necessarily be what THEY like or bring them joy! This has made us happy. This has made us even closer as a family. This outlook in life has been the 'magic fix' that makes us comfortable in our own skin and discover who 'we' really are, as individuals and as a family.

When we have some time for our own leisure, we like to:

Sketch the sunset!

Learn to paint our collections.

Find things of interest on the beach and examine them closely.

Paint things till midnight, if we are allowed.

Learn to draw our collections.

Take the time to look and appreciate the beauty of natural things and all things!

Be purveyors of all things grown in nature!

Be what other holiday makers refer to as 'those kids that draw'.

Once on holiday, I photographed some of my children's collections:

Then I found these great photos of collections by Swedish artist Camilla Engman(my love of all things swedish extend beyond IKEA peeps!). Check out her blog and you'll see some amazing artwork.

I love the gnarly shapes and how she can make such simple things look soulful.

When I saw Camilla Engman's work with collections, it drove me to write this post and to appreciate the quirky things that we like to do as a family. It's not just ok to be a little different, it can be GREAT! I say be yourself (your lovely quirky self) and love every minute of it. 

Thank you to all the comments on my previous posts. It means so much to me that you took the time. I hope that y'all are having a great middle of the week!


  1. I can relate so much to your kids' fascination with drawing. I drew all the time when I was little. What an artist you have on your hands! Stunning drawing. It that yours or your daughters'?

    I hope to teach my eventual kids the same things - be yourself and embrace peoples differences! Variety is the spice of life and it would be very boring if we were all the same.

    p.s. Beautiful pictures!

    1. Thank you HG! Yes that was my painting but I'm hyper critical when it comes to my own art and I probably chucked that one out :-( It takes someone else to tell me its stunning to appreciate it!

      what a boring world it would be, if we were all into the same things ey? haha thanks for dropping by HG. I checked out your corsages(are they called?) You've made it look super current! You ARE a designer...

  2. It's our quirkiness that makes us us. We are proud to do things in a special way that's just about our family. It unites us and it's just so much fun to come up with new things together.

    Such a lovely post, Dharshi. Thanks for linking it up at Village Voices. x

  3. Hey Maxabella! Yes I've been reading all about it, lovely three little ones, very gorgeous. Thanks for leaving a comment,its always gives me a little thrill to know that someone has bothered to suffer thru one of my random ramblings, teehee.


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