Sunday, 7 October 2012

Magic Fix #16: Let's Paaartay! Pop Up Style...

My daughter turned 10!

Hey Presto! I've been a mother for a full decade!  I think that I'm not the only mother ever to befall that melancholy which comes with the knowledge that you'll never have back your first baby experience and that at ten years of age, your child is at the cusp of many changes to come.

My daughter is still so sweetly unsophisticated, she prefers Mickey to Miley. Here she is with her sister, decorating the room.

All I can say is that, it has been a wonderful decade. I have grown and learnt so much with her and from her. She still teaches me everyday on how to love, how to be loved, how to forgive and give with generosity and boundless unconditional love.

Here she is in front of the beautiful painting that was made for her by her sister.

I hadn't prepared for a celebration on her actual birthday. We were to have a party with her school friends a month from the day instead but...

We just could't ignore the fact that this was her actual 10th Birthday, so we had a 'POP UP PARTY'

 What is a POP UP PARTY?
  • This is a party put on by mothers who are generally disorganized and cannot plan ahead.
  • The menu comprise of food that you made with what was available on the day in the pantry or in the freezer.
  • The drinks are frozen berries or mangoes blended with, yep you guessed it, good ol' water!
  • The decorations are home made, preferably by the kids.
  • The guests know you well enough not to be offended, if they are only invited like the day before or at worst a few hours before.

I had some candles from a previous birthday and some frozen sugar icing.

The cake, which looked very humble indeed, was a total hit and my most successful one to date! It was a simple butter cake recipe, with yummy cream cheese icing with several layers of raspberry jam smothered in for some extra deliciousness.

Some highlights from the day:

The look of joy!

Like bees to honey!
Yes! You can have the cake and eat it too...this is a much better saying, me think.

She was so happy with her birthday party, she made us this:

I loved the bit that said 'I love you more than chocolate cake'

and sent us this lovely email, spelling mistakes and all (bless!):

Thank you so much for the big surprise on my birthday it made my day start. Also thank you for setting the party that made my day end  in marvels way. Also thank you for the roller blades. I'v had the best birthday this 10 years. Also i'm so happy to have 2 digits in my age. What a lucky weekend!

Love from your daughter Dhishni

Another special thing happened on the day, my baby girl turned 3 months!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Back to school tomorrow, I'll miss my girls...xx

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